Heiya GUI

High Efficiency Image conversion for everyone.

Make your photos fifty times smaller using modern media formats. And much more.

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Meet Heiya GUI

A user-friendly interface to interact with the Heiya toolkit.


Heiya GUI will helps you convert your normal photos into high efficiency photos that are up to 50x smaller.


Just drag and drop. Many photos or folders? No problem.


Heiya GUI supports encoding photos into HEIC or AVIF. Or both of them, just tick one more box.

Open Source

Both Heiya and Heiya GUI are free and open source. This makes Heiya transparent and fully customizable.



Heiya GUI makes this tool so much more usable to me, because I can't code!


I downgraded my iCloud plan after I encoded all my photos into HEIC using Heiya GUI!


Heiya GUI makes people with old camera like me to have access to modern high efficiency media formats!